France 2016

i haven’t posted anything in a while so i thought i might as well add some photos from my holiday in France this year. while i was in France i was trying to improve my street photography and i think i got a few good shots but theres still room to improve with my nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens. in the landscapes i was looking to add some depth and take a step up in my post processing. _GIJ6251 _GIJ6245-Edit _GIJ6196 _GIJ6101 _GIJ6757-Edit _GIJ6497 _GIJ6486 _GIJ6260 _GIJ6229 _GIJ6189 _GIJ6147 _GIJ6013-Edit _GIJ5886

Week 31 of Project 52



This week I went to Jersey for holiday, I took many photos and found it very hard choosing the best photo! The trip I chose was my first to Gerald Durrell wildlife park for endangered species. This was one of my first proper attempts at wildlife photos. This baby orangutan was swinging about a lot and I managed to take a shot at it. I was very pleased with the result as the orangutan was fully in focus and the nice colour balance.